“DURANA” Technology and Science Park

Durana Technopark: Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

1. What is Durana Technopark?

Welcome to Durana Technopark, where innovation thrives and progress knows no bounds. This is the vision of the Durana Technopark, a cutting-edge initiative poised to revolutionize the landscape of science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Through strategic support for small and medium-sized enterprises, Durana Technopark seeks to attract foreign and domestic investments while facilitating the development of high-value-added products and services. Focusing on research, innovation, and production in the technology sector, this technopark is designed to create a pool of highly skilled experts and propel economic growth.

But Durana Technopark is more than just a space for business—it’s a beacon of modernity and progress. With state-of-the-art facilities, including modern offices and quality design-integrated citizens, this technopark will offer an environment conducive to creativity, collaboration, and success. 

2. Where is it going to be located?

The Durana Technopark will be situated in Xhafzotaj, merely 9 km away from the city of Durres. For convenient access, the closest airport is TIA – Tirana Rinas, positioned 16.4 km northeast of Xhafzotaj or the port of Durres about 10 km.

The location is strategic given its proximity (15 min) to the Port of Durres (the largest in Albania and one of the largest in the Adriatic) and Tirana International Airport (20 min).  It also guarantees access to the largest and most qualified labour markets in the country (Tirana and Durres City) where 75% of higher education institutions and research centres are concentrated.

The area is quite large, about 26 ha in total. This property is divided into three separate parts that aren’t directly connected, even though they are nearby. 

3. Allowed Activities in the Park

  • Software design.
  • Development and maintenance of software systems.
  • Software testing.
  • Design and development of communication systems.
  • Design and development of IT security systems
  • Development of migration systems.
  • Analysis of large data systems.
  • Consulting for innovation.
  • Information security consulting;
  • Consulting in audits, operations, management, user support, training, and consulting for IT system audits;
  • Research in the field of communication.
  • Research in the field of innovative software development. The term research and development includes three types of research:
  • basic research;
  • applied research;
  • experimental development;
  • Research and development in the field of robotics.
  • Activities in the field of Cloud Computing.
  • Other activities in the field of information technology,
Energizing Innovation at the Science and Technology Park
  • Cultivating Innovation: At the core of the Science and Technology Park (Durana Technopark) is our commitment to driving economic growth, technological progress, and societal advancement through a thriving innovation ecosystem.
Dynamic Collaboration and Networking:
    • Co-Working Spaces: We offer vibrant shared spaces that foster collaboration and idea-sharing among tenants.
    • Networking Events: Regular meetups, workshops, and events encourage connections, partnerships, and knowledge exchange.
    • Cross-Sectoral Innovation: By promoting interdisciplinary collaborations, we enable the cross-pollination of ideas across various industries.
    • Incubation Programs: Tailored support for startups, including mentorship, funding, and resources, accelerates entrepreneurial success.
Strengthening Academia-Industry Ties:
    • Research Partnerships: We facilitate collaborative research and technology transfers with academic institutions.
    • Joint Academic-Industry Events: Seminars and conferences bridge the gap between industry experts and academic researchers.
    • Internship and Training: Practical training and research opportunities prepare students for real-world challenges.
Industry-Government Synergy:
    • Public-Private Partnerships: We engage in strategic collaborations with government to tackle shared challenges and enhance innovation.
    • Policy Advocacy: Advocating for supportive innovation policies helps shape a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    • Government Funding Access: We assist in securing government grants and incentives that promote research and technology commercialization.
Technology Transfer and Knowledge Exchange:
    • Technology Transfer Office: Our dedicated office streamlines the commercialization of research and intellectual properties.
    • Knowledge Exchange Platforms: Through online forums and workshops, we facilitate a continuous exchange of knowledge and best practices.
Empowering Startups and Innovators:
    • Acceleration Programs: Comprehensive support for early-stage ventures, providing the tools needed to thrive and scale.
    • Innovation Challenges: We host challenges and hackathons to spur creativity and solve complex problems through collaboration.

4. Regulatory Framework

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