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Albanian Investment Corporation

AIC aims to achieve sustainable economic growth and job creation via better use of existing assets and private capital mobilization to productive investments.

About Us

Albanian Investment Corporation (AIC) was established by Law no. 71, of October 17, 2019 of the Parliament of Albania. AIC has one purpose alone: make growth happen in Albania. It constitutes a capability that can identify and revitalize underutilized public assets; prepare, and execute investment projects, and overall contribute to draw in foreign investment and contribute to a diversified and sustainable economic growth in the country.

Our Profile

  • Promoting economic development through investment projects at a central, local and regional level, in support of state development policies.

  • Project analysis (transformation of “ideas” into “funded projects”) and financial structuring of projects;

  • Managing underutilized state assets, through making state properties more efficiently used.

  • Developing and financing investment projects – e.g., in industry, tourism, real estate, energy – by mobilizing state and/or private capital.

  • Assisting the government in reviewing and structuring investment projects.

Relationship with other public sector institutions

AIC is an instrument in the disposal of the Albanian government. Organized as a corporation, it does not have competencies, but functions, and as a result, it does not compete with public sector institutions over its scope of work, nor does it seek to displace or dilute the roles that ministries or executive agencies normally perform. It is not set up either to get involved with all types of investment projects but instead focuses on four or five impactful projects in the initial five years.

Relationship with line ministries

Ministries are sites where public policy is formulated. The AIC law is clear that it will take a decision of the Council of Ministers to authorize AIC to work on a project where public assets are at stake. In this way, AIC is a tool, an agent, at the disposal of line ministries, enabling them to employ AIC in order to actualize a project that is part of their vision, if they so choose.

Relationship with AIDA

AIC could provide AIDA and economic diplomats with projects to pitch to private investors, thus relying on their strengths and designated roles in attracting and supporting investments in Albania.

Relationship with the Albanian Development Fund (ADF).

ADF and AIC inhabit different regulatory spaces and have different missions to accomplish. The potential for harnessing their relative strengths and creating synergies is great. The two institutions could very well collaborate to implement investment projects, whereby ADF could be tasked with procuring the infrastructure aspects, given its know-how and track record in this area.


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Our Team

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