AIC aims to spur economic development through engaging in complex investment projects. It was established to act as an asset manager and project developer for under-utilized public sector assets in order to promote their monetization via private capital mobilization, thereby creating a positive impact on the domestic economy. 

AIC Projects

Development & Management of Government Real Estate Properties

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Key Characteristics

  • The AIC has the capacity to act as an agent on behalf of the GoA representing it in transactions aimed at meeting the country's objectives (e.g., the development and execution of projects that require public sector assets and/or mobilization of private capital).

  • The AIC is a decentralized financial institution.

  • The AIC has the status of a corporation within the Albanian legal framework.

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our objectives

Main Objectives of AIC

  • Spur economic and social development through investment projects at the national and regional level, in support of state development policies.

  • Efficient utilization of state assets.

  • Carry out investments by mobilizing state and/or private capital.

  • Conduct project analysis thereby transforming ideas into bankable projects and financially structuring projects.

  • Assist the government in reviewing and structuring investment projects.

Relationship vis-à-vis other institutions:

AIC is an instrument at the disposal of the Albanian government aimed at spurring economic growth. Given that it is organized as a Corporation, it does not have competing functions with existing public sector institutions. The AIC is committed to honing existing synergies and invested in creating new ones with partner institutions and/or stakeholders. 

Relationship with line ministries

Ministries are sites where public policy is formulated. The AIC law is clear that it will take a decision of the Council of Ministers to authorize AIC to work on a project where public assets are at stake. In this way, AIC is a tool, an agent, at the disposal of line ministries, enabling them to employ AIC in order to actualize a project that is part of their vision, if they so choose.

Relationship with AIDA

AIC could provide AIDA with projects to pitch to private investors, thus relying on their strengths and designated role in attracting and supporting investments in Albania.

Relationship with the Albanian Development Fund (ADF)

The AIC and ADF inhabit different regulatory spaces and are tasked with different missions. There is great potential for creating synergies between the two actors. The two institutions are well-positioned to collaborate on the implementation of different investment projects whereby the ADF could carry-out the necessary infrastructural investments given its vast experience in the sector.

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