Albanian Investment Corporation Projects

AIC’s taxonomy of projects includes project development/asset management in the following areas:

Albania is endowed with natural assets that need development (i.e., coastline, lakes, mountains, etc.) and has public-sector assets that need better performance (i.e., energy-related assets, medium and light industry, etc.). AIC aims at improving the performance of existing public-sector assets through its asset management techniques and skills.

Tourism Development





Why these projects?

What can AIC do that others don’t?

AIC does not seek to replace the private sector or take away powers from public authorities. It aims to focus on:

  • Complex projects that experience has shown the private sector to be ill-equipped to do on its own, and require capacities that the government does not have

  • Projects where the investment creates impact and that

    expand existing capabilities
    lead to greater diversification & thus bring about economic development

AIC is a state capability to create and implement projects, by:

  • holding government’s equity in an investment project;

  • mobilizing public sector capacities, solving public sector coordination failures & cutting red tape;

  • revitalizing underutilized state assets;

  • reducing investment risk & mobilizing private capital.

Your investment is supported by AIC!

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