Job Vacancy: Consultant with experience in energy sector

Position: Consultant with experience in conducting pre-feasibility studies in energy sector.
Expected Duration of Assignment: Approximately 6 weeks
The Government of Albania (GoA) created in December 2019 the Albanian Investment
Corporation (AIC) to support and strengthen economic development in the country. The AIC was
established by law 71/2019 as a shareholding company, in accordance with the existing private
legal framework in Albania and initiated its operations in June 2021.
The AIC is seeking to develop a project in developing of new electricity generation sources,
photovoltaic parks, which are going to guarantee a rapid return on investment and serve as a
business model by generating revenue from the open market sale of electricity while also meeting
the local requirements.
To establish the development options, identify the technical and legal challenges and provide
recommendations to address them, as well as assess the financial viability of the options and the
associated investor interest, AIC will first undertake a pre-feasibility study to make a validation of
the assets portfolio.
AIC is looking to hire a consultant with experience in conducting pre-feasibility studies for similar
investments in energy sector.

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