Official visit with the Undersecretary of State for Finance of Spain

During her official visit to Madrid, Dr. Elira Kokona, CEO of the Albanian Investment Corporation (AIC), met with Ms. Lidia Sanchez Milan, the Undersecretary of State for Finance of Spain. Accompanied by Mr. Mazniku, Minister of State for Local Government, this meeting aimed at forging strong connections with analogous organizations in Spain.
The discussions centered on sharing experiences and adopting best practices, particularly focusing on stimulating Albania’s economy through diverse investment projects.
This engagement marks a critical step for the AIC to gain insights into project development and coordination strategies that have proven successful in Spain. By learning from Spain’s experiences, AIC aims to refine its approach to investment and governance, thereby bolstering Albania’s economic growth.
This visit signifies a collaborative spirit, aiming to strengthen bilateral ties and cooperative projects. It sets a foundation for ongoing mutual learning and growth, potentially leading to impactful, sustainable development initiatives benefiting both countries.

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